The First House at Omkoi

The house on the land was so old with some parts fallen off, repair then had to be first made. Despite 45,000 Baht already paid to build an additional room to the house, it was still unusable. Another worker was then contacted to repair the door and windows. This new worker had urged Sumit to build a new house. Since the labor cost there was not expensive, a house with one storey cost only about 60,000 Baht and 2 stories about 100,000 Baht. With his good reasoning on this, Sumit finally made the decision to build another house on the same land plot. This worker had arranged everything for him: drawing blueprint, submitting the print to the government sectors concerned, building, etc. About a month later, the house blueprint, which looked more like a holiday resort, was presented to Sumit for approval. And with some revisions and adaptations, a house was then built and finished within 6 months. When Loipor visited the house, he praised the designer and builder with a comment, “This house is so spacious that it can be used as a worship place!” At the moment, a voice from inside Sumit said, “Don’t forget people from Hong Kong and ministers from abroad!” (Christians in Hong Kong had been supporting more than 20 churches in Omkoi.) The voice had been so clear and firm that he was sure of God’s working and guiding in that project. Sumit had discussed with Woraphong to dedicate that house to God and to make it a blessed place for all. Woraphong then has dedicated himself by serving God in Omkoi Bible School . Thank God…Halleluja!

The Second House at Omkoi

The inspiration of building the second house was because of Romyen ( Bangkok Evangelistic Center)’s Compassion of Christ Mission Foundation. The foundation’s mobile clinic unit had gone to survey the place for servicing people in Sabomhet Village. Sumit thus was afraid of being unable to accommodate approx. 50 medical personnel on the team. Together with some Bible teachers’ recommendation to build a prayer room, he then made decision to build the second house. At that time, the budget was set at 150,000 Baht, thus being able to build a 6 X 8 meter room. However, God had told him in his heart to build a 8 X 13 meter room instead with the confirmation of enough money to build it. When the house was near completion, an insurance company sent him a letter informing him to receive an amount of money due from his 20- year insurance policy. God had planned everything in advance and He never was late. However, after coming back to Omkoi again to check the house’s building progress, Sumit saw some pieces of iron protruding from the building as if planning to add another room or building despite receiving no advice from him! Sumit then added one more 4 X 8 meter room with payment of 10,000 Baht more. God had really provided everything in time.

Heart-Beating Incidents

During construction of the second house in which a prayer room was added, there were many strange incidents happening to Sumit. Sumit’s daughter (third child) had brought him to a prayer place on the mountain in Chonburi province in order to study its operation. After arrival, one of the staff could only take them around the place since the building’s keys were with the other staff. However, while on the way, it had been raining so heavily that the staff’s car was ditched and they had to cancel the study tour.

After construction had been made for about 2 months, Sumit had to make another visit there as he had planned his visits on a monthly basis. On his first visit, he got a severe nosebleed. This astonished him a lot since he had never had nosebleed all of his life before. It happened once in daytime and once in evening time. Second visit, not long after arrival, he had black (bloody) stool. This made him think about his wife’s father who had had black stool for 3 days and then passed away. Next day he came back to Bangkok and went to see a doctor in King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital . He had been thoroughly checked and the results were normal. The doctor made an assumption that Sumit might have eaten too much curdled blood of hogs (of course, he had never touched that kind of stuff in his life)! Third visit, Sumit fell into a serious condition, being unable to eat anything and having difficulty breathing for three consecutive days (from Thursday to Saturday) and on Saturday morning the condition was worst. However, after Saisiri had taken him to various places, hoping to receive treatment, but failed (one and only clinic in Omkoi was closed!) When evening fell, she went to bring some Christians to pray for Sumit and his condition improved! He could sleep well that night, and next morning (Sunday) he was miraculously healed and could sing a hymn in the church!

The Third house at Omkoi

On one occasion, Sumit went to Omkoi to see the person drawing the third house’s blueprint. A Bible teacher there had asked him why he wanted to build another house and Sumit could not provide the answer. However, the budget was over 600,000 Baht. Sumit then thought about building only the floor, the structure and the roof (like a gymnasium) because he had the budget of only about 100,000 Baht. After waiting for 5 full months, nothing happened. Sumit then made Saisiri to submit the blueprint to the government sector concerned and made the other worker build the house with, according to this worker, the cost of only 90,000 Baht. Sumit commented, “Sometimes many things seem beyond our thinking. We must be sure that God knows everything we are doing. You must do it in God’s way and it will surely be successful.”

The beginning of February 2004, God had made a wonderful and unexpected thing. His sons had brought Sumit a lump sum of money received from selling a plot of land (unexpectedly sold!) which was enough for building a complete house. (Halleluja!) Sumit further commented, “God is great. He is always on time. Thank God!”

The Story of the Cross

After the third house had been completely built in August 2005, everybody could see the cross on the house. There was a story behind this. Sumit and his wife had arrived at Omkoi one day before the day of opening ceremony of Sabomhet church ( 5 December 2003 ) and they had noticed somebody installing a cross on the new church roof. There were approx. 500 people attending the ceremony with Rev. Somsak Chusong preaching the topic of the cross. Before preaching, Sumit (with God’s guidance) had talked briefly about the cross and then sang the song titled “The New Vision of the Cross” After the ceremony, Sumit went to have lunch at the Bible Institute and had a seat nearby Rev. Somsak, who had confined with Sumit that he had prepared another sermon but God had led him to preach about the cross. This is the main reason why Sumit had built the third house with the figure of the cross on it!

After the completion of the third house, Sumit wanted a picture of Christ to be hung on the empty wall. When he returned to Bangkok , he found a picture of Jesus in a fine frame at his house. One of his daughters told him that an elder from a church gave this picture to one of Sumit’s sons, but there was no place for him on which to hang it. It was an amazing incident because he had been thinking about having somebody paint the portrait of Jesus. When that elder knew this, she (Anchulee) had given him another picture (of Jesus being crucified on the cross). About one month later, Sumit made a trip to Omkoi, taking these pictures with him. On the way, while carrying the picture to hang on the wall of the other building (which is about 10 meters), he passed out. The electricians who were working in a building saw him and rushed to help. Sumit had never been or felt like this before. Since the way was so steep that he was very tired carrying the picture, he then placed the picture on the ground and thought about Jesus carrying the cross with tiredness, hurt, and suffering. At the time he felt overwhelmingly grateful to Jesus for His death on the cross to save everybody.

The Fourth House at Omkoi

On 27 September 2005 , Sumit and his wife had met an old man informing them of selling a house priced 250,000 Baht. This house belonged to his daughter and was located next to the entrance to Sumit’s house. At that time Sumit was not interested in buying the house. However, on the third night after he had refused to buy the house, he was sleepless because a voice kept telling him to buy it. He then discussed this with his wife and she agreed with him. After 4 days had passed with some confusion, Sumit had finally bought the house in the amount of 220,000 Baht.

Sumit said, “God has led us in everything. This house would be useful in God’s works in the future.”

Thank God

In various incidents, from past to present, God has planned for us. God is always with us. He knows our strength and ability. In other’s perspective, we may be incapable of doing things but God has bestowed us who believe in Him with wisdom and knowledge. He never leaves us. He always walks beside us. We have steadfast faith in God in every step we make.


My mother So-huay’s prayers had made great impact on her children and grandchildren. Her constant prayer to God, her loyalty, and her testimony and witness to God had made herself and her descendants stronger in their faith in God day by day. May glory and honor be to God in all these things.

If you have a heart burdened to the people in Omkoi and to the four houses built in Sabomhet Village for God’s works. And if you would like to extend your share and care to these people in various forms, please contact Khun Sumit at 081 025-9308

Sumit and Pornsuda Wuthikulcharoenwong


“He has brought us by faith into this experience of God’s grace,
in which we now live.
And so we boast of the hope
we have of sharing God’s glory!”
(Romans 5:2)

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