Childhood Near-Death Experiences

When Sumit was nearly 1 year old, his brother and sister had to take care of him. Everyday, his brother went out to play with other children. He then carried his youngest brother with him. He was only a small boy, so when he met his playmates, he left his brother by himself and hurried out to play. Whenever he remembered, he would come back to see if his brother was alright. Once when he came back, he could not see his brother except for many horses grazing and walking around the spot. He was very frightened. Some adults had come to help carry his brother from those horses to safety. God had protected him otherwise he would have been trampled to death.

In former time, our house was only a room in a building made of wood and built in the form of block houses. There were two block houses facing each other with a well in the central space. The well was in front of our room and people cooked in front of their own rooms. One day, a neighbor was cooking and hearing something that sounds like swimming in the well. She then walked over the well and saw a child having fallen in it. Frightened, she yelled for help, “a child fell into the well…but why he can swim!?!” Some came to help the child (Sumit) out of the well. This incident was talked about by the whole community. This was the answer to So-huay’s daily prayer to God for taking care of her children while she was out to make a living. Men could not help but God can!

There was another incident. Housewives often came out and did the washing every morning at a canal on which a plank sized about one meter was laid nearby. And in the late morning, children would come and swim at the same place. Sumit’s brother would place him on the plank every time he came to swim with his friends. Sumit was obedient and always stayed at the place where his brother placed him. However, one day Sumit (only 3 years old) was gone. His brother was so shocked that he shouted for help from children playing nearby. Some assumed that he fell into the canal. Fortunately a boy took him out of the water. He then placed him over his shoulder so water could gush out of Sumit’s mouth. Sumit was again saved for the second time. (Writing about this, the writer had to praise God by saying Halleluja!)

So-huay went out to work early in the morning and came back late at night. Before returning home she had to buy an amount of rice enough for cooking the evening meal. When she arrived at the market, it was so late that all stalls were closed and some stall owners sold the vegetables at a very low price. Besides, she also picked up thrown-away ones to cook food for her waiting children. Life went on like this until Sumit was 7 years old. One day, his sister told him to carry a pot of boiling rice and place it on the table. However, he was still young and the pathway from the cooking area to the table was slippery as it was also the bathing area. He then slipped and fell and the boiling rice poured down over his body. The boiled rice was so hot that he could have died or severely injured. God had planned in advance an old neighbor having a good heart and a special healing method. That old lady had been keeping used tea leaves in an earthen jar for a long period of time. When she saw the incident, she then brought the used tea leaves and put them over Sumit’s body. She did that many times as the used leaves could draw away heat caused by the boiling rice. Thank God that he had no sores or scars.

When Sumit was 11 years of age, he started to work. He had worked in various places: being a shoemaker, a dishwasher, a vendor and finally an apprentice in a photo shop. During the apprenticeship period, he nearly died from an electric shock. The shop owner had heard of Sumit’s scream and rushed to see, finding him lying on the floor. He tried to help by carrying him and got himself also shocked. Fortunately, a worker in a developing room who caused the shock came out of the room and saw both of them. He then pulled of the other end of the electric line. This is another incident that God had saved Sumit’s life.

During the World War II, So-huay was a haircutter and evangelist. While cutting the children’s hair, she would tell them the story of Jesus in the Bible. She however did this until she was 50 years old. She then had a chance to join with the church’s women group to go visit the church members on every Sunday afternoon. And on every Thursday, she joined Thien Sung Church group to do the same visitation. She did that until she turned 87 years old. Everybody in the church called her “Aunty-the Haircutter”.


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