Seemingly Unfortunate Mother

In China

Having been born into a poor family, So-huay, Sumit’s mother, had no choice but to live with another family since the age of 5. When So-huay had grown-up into womanhood, she was forced into marriage and got 1 son (Sumit’s brother). However, her husband died when her son was only 2 years old. After having been many times persecuted by her sister-in-law since the loss of her husband, she finally made the decision to leave the house to seek after her long-departed parents since childhood. She then met a group of people proclaiming the story of Jesus Christ. They invited her to stay to listen to the story. She confined to a missionary about her situation. Feeling very sorry for her, he welcomed her into his home. So-huay continued to seek after her long-gone parents and siblings. When she realized that her brother was working in Thailand and had been sending money home to support his family in China , she decided to travel together with her son and that missionary from China to Thailand by sea in order to seek after her brother.

In Thailand

So-huay and her party traveled by ship for months without knowing that her own brother was in a difficult situation. Upon arrival, she was detained by the immigration officers because her brother did not have the money to redeem her. He then requested a matchmaker to contact some men to match-make for his sister and the man who wanted her to be his wife could pay to redeem her. The match maker had taken many men to see her but no one wanted her. However, the last one, who had just opened a small drugstore needed a housekeeper. He then paid for the ransom and took her home with him as his wife. She finally gave birth to a daughter and a son (Sumit). Due to a lack of funds in opening up the drugstore, Sumit’s father then got a group of people to play a game called “Shares.” Each one paid the same amount of money and the total amount gathered from all will be handed to one of the group and this game is repeated for the following month. The last one to get his share will receive the whole sum with the highest rate of interest collected per month from share holders. This game is supposed to last 2 years and upon the completion of the first year, the shareholders who had got their shares ran off and Sumit’s father had to take the responsibility to pay up for them. He thus borrowed money from an Indian and payment (principal + interest) was made on a day-to-day basis. No sooner after the payment was fully paid, the drugstore had to be closed down and all belongings were confiscated. Then he went to work in Surin province as a quack doctor. After working there about a year, he had to move back home because of tuberculosis. He had spent all his money and yet was not cured of the disease. When he knew that his disease was incurable, before his death, he told his wife to sell the youngest son (Sumit) to others in order to relieve her burden. After saying his last words, he died. However, mother’s love is awesome! No matter how poor she was, she never thought of selling her own children. Instead, she tried her best to raise them up. She had Ruamkatanyu Foundation to arrange for the funeral. He died at the age of only 39 and Sumit was only 1 year old.

After losing her husband, So-huay did not know what to do to raise her children since she had never worked for a living, being a housewife. She had a meager sum of money left to buy some vegetables to sell. However, the vegetables bought were in small quantities per time so the money received was not enough to buy food for the children. She then tried to find another way to get more vegetables by picking up the vegetables of owners that had fallen onto the ground. After doing this for many times, a vender used a pole, chasing and beating her so hard that she had to give up her all belongings and fled for life and never went back there. She was so desperate. It seemed everything bad turned against her. She did not have anyone to lean on so she thought of the missionary’s words about praying to God and of God’s answering her prayers by granting her the chance to meet her brother in Thailand. So she started to cry and confessed her sins to God for her dishonesty and asked for forgiveness from Him. She tried her very best to feed her children by using money to buy rice and going to the market to collect the thrown-away vegetables to cook food for them.

One day a close friend of her husband came to visit the family without knowing that he had already passed away. On seeing the family’s plight, he, out of pity, gave a sum of money to her. At this moment God had opened the way for her to buy tools for hair-cutting business despite her inability to cut hair. She had tried so hard to raise the children. She started practicing by cutting her children’s hair. Then she walked out of the house everyday to find prospective customers. At first she could not find even one customer. She persistently went out of the house everyday and one day she found a Christian customer living nearby a church. Not long she gained more customers, both regular and irregular ones.

When she went out of the house, she had to leave her 3 children to be on their own. However, she had cooked a pot of rice mixed with sweet potatoes for them. At that time, Sumit’s brother was 7 years old and sister 3 years and himself only about 1 year old. The three had never had a chance to go to school.

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