A Biography of Sumit Wuthikulcharoenwong

by Saisiri Bunditmahasan
Translated by “Vachiravan”
Edited by “Chuanpit Kowae”


Sumit is Mother So-huay’s youngest child of three, having one brother and one sister. He is married to Pornsuda and together, have raised up 4 children: 2 sons and 2 daughters. Now they have altogether 6 grandsons. He has been a member of Sapanluang Church, a deacon and elder of the church. He is also Dusit Thani Hotel’s full-time photographer. At present, he is spending most of his time studying the Bible and copying the Bible’s Chinese edition in order to attain competence in Chinese writing.

He was born in a poor family during the Second World War period, able to afford only 3 years of formal education. He was not good or interested in anything in particular and, of course, had never dreamt of starting any business. However, being a very diligent man, he was loved by business owners and colleagues. He has been unexpectedly and miraculously supported by people sent from God during every phase of his life. In various seemingly-worst situations, he experienced God’s blessing’s which blossomed out in joy and happiness. Because of God’s loving kindness, this man could emerge from nothing (low education, incompetence, etc.) to one who is used a lot by God.

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In Thailand

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The Fourth House at Omkoi


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