The Long Journey
          This is a true story in the life and experience of Mr.Sumit Wuthikulcharoenwong. No one can choose the fate of himself in order to live in this world. Struggles in life to help the family have been very difficult.God protect and give guidance to the righteous,even though we may not know what we are doing.God knows our heart and he alone knows our faith.Gos set the way how we live so we can see his greatness.May the Glory and Honour belong to him alone.
This site is written to honor God, who has mercy to lead our life until the present day.
When we look back to the past, we pass through many difficulties but God has his way to help each person. God gives us confidence so that we may not be afraid he is along side as we walk through life. The matter is whether we trust him or not. If there is no God this person would not be able to do any work. This book is screened from his word and experience from his childhook to the present day. The blessings of God shall not be depleted if via faithful in trusting him. I trust that is book shall be an encouragement to the leader to remember we have God who cares is ready to help us in time of need.
A Biography of Sumit Wuthikulcharoenwong

by Saisiri Bunditmahasan
Translated by “Vachiravan”
Edited by “Chuanpit Kowae”
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